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"Fight Club" experts Glavstarta

We, Glavstart, as a company interested in developing the market (yes, we have said this many times), do not just want new projects to appear, we want them to survive, work and start.

In fact, we do not pursue quantity; we pursue quality. Therefore, it’s not so important how many ideas are presented on the first day of one of our key events, Startup Weekend, it’s important how many working projects we have to get out.
Because Startup Weekend is not a get-together, this is a working platform. And the result is important to us.

We all understand that making a working prototype from scratch in one weekend, and even attracting millions of investments for this (right away) is utopia. Therefore, Startup Weekend is a link in the chain of work on a project; it is not limited to three days.
Just for this, we decided to transfer the system of mentoring to Russia.
But in the original “Western” version, the system does not work so well, so for the experts we had to invent our own tests.
It is not a secret to anyone that there are already enough “rave” events, and we are not going to attract celebrities from the market, just to increase our credibility. Now you can become an expert of Glavstarta by fulfilling the terms of the Fight Club :
- to come on weekends (and not just hang beautiful pictures on the site)
- work with projects
- get positive feedback from at least a few projects (the very proof of work) or conclude an agreement on mentoring intentions with the project in order to continue joint, more in-depth study

We have invented this system in order to guarantee everyone who wants to come over the weekend with his project and get real help from an expert that this expert will work and help. Experts and mentors in Glavstarte become not for well-known names, but for the work at the event.
Quoting our site: “The titles“ Expert ”and“ Mentor ”are not lifelong. If within a certain time the expert did not become a participant in a single project, then he ceases to be the official expert of Glavstarta. ”

There are no idlers among our experts, and we are ready to vouch for this.

Mentors do not abandon projects, they bring them to the stage of investing their own knowledge, experience and connections.
In Glavstarte, we follow the development of relations between established pairs of projects and mentors, and are ready to help them further if necessary - to attract business angels, etc.

We do not make a special entertainment program. All drive to Startup Weekend'e appears solely at the expense of the participants.
Now we are going to hold Startup Weekend in St. Petersburg and Kazan , and the only thing they will differ in is a pool of local experts who will add to those whom we bring with us.
Work at Startup Weekend ( to which we invite you ) in St. Petersburg will be:
Arkady MoreynisGlavstart, Chief Director
Alexey DovzhikovGeneral Director of eLama.ru, Development Director of TRINET, organizer of the St. Petersburg Internet Conference
Andrey BorisevichSUP, Director of Business Development in Russia and the CIS
Grigory BakunovYandex, deputy head of the new projects development department
Valentin Dombrovsky“NextUp Media” LLC, General Director
Vladimir MakushinIDelync Group, Partner, Technical Director
Nikolay MacievskyWEBO Software, CEO
Dmitry StepanovRambler-Poster, Director of Products
Alexander ZverevE-Legion LLC, General Director

And this is not a complete list, it will be supplemented and expanded.

Well, and - no one, even the best expert in the world, can do your project for you. We, our experts, the platform, advice, joint study - this is help, and help is effective. But from the fact that the work will still have to go nowhere.

One of the main features of work on Startup Weekends is IT experts working together with “full immersion” projects, solving key problems - from marketing to distribution channels.
Perhaps among the authors of the projects there are “nuggets” who have enough knowledge and experience to independently take the project to the market. Such geniuses (they are few, but they exist), most likely, do not need a "full-time mentor." We do Startup Weekend for those who understand that having more experience, you can make the project faster, more successful and with less risk, and there is a direct meaning to involve a specialist in the project who will pass on your knowledge to you and help your project. successfully enter the market.

We are tired of parties, we want to work. :)

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