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New design 42goals

It is difficult to imagine a project whose design has not changed since launch. If the project is actively developing, then its design is updated throughout the life of the project. Today, finally, 42goals , a service for recording goals and daily affairs (the previous one ) has been updated . Home site now looks like this:

New logo

It was:

It became:


Evolution of design

The first prototype (HTML layout)

Previous design

New option

The main interface has not undergone major changes. Updates are mostly cosmetic.

New templates

In the new version of the target templates are divided into categories. More templates have been added, and more will be added.
The template system has been changed “from the inside”. For users, the changes are not particularly noticeable, but will be noticeable later. In the next update, each target template will have its own separate page with descriptions and articles.

In the next series

More than 10,100 users have already registered in our project, who have created 43,900 goals and celebrated 294,238 days. Soon we will launch communities so that users can help each other achieve their goals. We are also experimenting with reports so that they give more information and be more visual.

One of the draft versions of the new report

For updates, you can follow:
on twitter: twitter.com/42goals
blog: blog.42goals.com
Facebook: facebook.com/42goals

If you like our project, you can vote for us in the Start In Paris startup competition.

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