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Success Stories. Creating successful applications for the iPhone / iPad

October 21, 2010 (Thursday) from 18.30 to 21.30 on the basis of the Business Incubator of the State University Higher School of Economics www.hse-inc.ru will be the next meeting of the Russian Apple Developer User Group. To participate in the meeting, it is necessary to register by the link , since the entrance to the building of the HSE is carried out strictly by passes.

At the last meeting, participants expressed a desire to hear success stories related to the development and launch of iPhone / iPad applications directly from their creators, and on October 21 you will hear several such stories. Among them:
After the meeting will be held afterparty in the cafe "Dacha on Pokrovka" .
Since such a meeting has already taken place in Moscow and I had the opportunity to attend it, under the cut I will share my impressions.

To begin with, the community was born before my eyes, and if earlier it was like a gathering of developers, now it is rather a small-scale conference in a close circle of interested parties. Besides the excellent organization, I can note:

Interestingly, there were many developers among those present who were familiar with Android development, but they all agreed that Apple is better.

Register and come, you will not regret.

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