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We present to your attention the closed beta testing of the project BannersABC.com (access to the site is currently limited), offering tools for advertising on the Internet. The target audience is web managers and website owners who promote their online projects, portals and just blogs by placing banners on advertising sites. It's about creating animated flash banners online. I cordially ask those who have developed an allergy to advertising, as well as those who have permanently disabled all flash-content and convinced flash-shophas to not pay attention to the post, not to use their energy to unfold the next flash version against html5 and the like. I invite all interested under kat.

about the project

At the moment, the project is focused on an English-speaking audience and specifically on the United States, so an understanding of the Shakespeare language is required to familiarize yourself with the site. The project is in the process of closed beta testing, so we ask for the shortcomings to kick objectively, and generally focus on the functionality.
So, BannersABC.com is a website where anyone can create their own animated banner in a few minutes without having any special knowledge in the field of flash-design (speaking flash, we mean Flash EDI). The main task is to give the user the opportunity to get an attention-grabbing banner, making it as easy as possible to create it.


Demo video

To make the readers understand what will be discussed further, we have prepared 2 demo videos.
The process of creating banners with comments (12:57)
Creating a banner without comment (5:50)

Description of the functional.

To create a banner you can use 2 tools:
QuickStart - the most simplified version. Designed for users who have no idea how their banner should look like. The process of creating a banner in this case occurs as follows:
  1. Choose the size of the banner.
  2. Fit the URL to go
  3. Texts and images are added.
  4. The theme is chosen (or design): a palette of colors that will be used for the background and texts, as well as a clipart that will be added to the background.
  5. When you click on the “Generate” button, a completely random banner with user content is created.

It is worthwhile to elaborate on how random the “generated” banner can be. Each click on the generate button selects one of the options described below.

ParameterDescriptionNumber of variations
Animation of objects (texts and pictures)Randomly selected, objects are animated in the order specified by the user.Now their number is ~ 40 * number of objects
Text fontThe same font is used for all texts.14 fonts
The background2 random colors are selected in a user-defined color range.The exact number of variations depends on the selected colors, but the spread is quite large up to 1000
Gradient backgroundUniform, horizontal, vertical, diagonal, etc.ten
ClipartDepends on the selected type of clipart10 to 25
Background clip colorSame as backgroundup to 1000
Text colorOne color is selected in the available range of this theme for the text, contrasted with the background and clipart100

Based on these figures, it is safe to say that the probability of creating two identical banners is very low.

The second tool is called Designer . It provides the user with the possibility of detailed editing of banner parameters. It is possible, after randomly generating a banner, to switch from QuickStart to Designer and adjust the necessary parameters, or to make a banner from scratch. However, switching back from Designer to QuickStart is not possible.
Designer vs. QuickStart comparison table
Adding scenesThe banner is divided into scenes as semantic segments with different parameters.For all objects used only one scene.
Scene backgroundThe choice of colors and gradient, using your image as a background.Only a random background from the templates on the selected topic can be applied.
Scene durationAll objects on the scene are animated based on the duration of the scene itself, which can last from 1 to 30 seconds.The basic length of the scene is 3 seconds, for each object 3 more seconds are added.
Editing objectsThe ability to set the size of the object relative to the size of the banner is from 30% to 100%.Random size selection from 80% to 100%
Text objectsFont selection, color, text style, the ability to use multiple lines for one textOne line
Object AnimationSelect from the catalogRandom animation
Object time on stageThe choice with two parameters - from 0% to 100%, depending on the scene time.
scene time - 10 seconds;
object time - from 50% to 90%;
that is, the animation will start at 5 seconds and the object will disappear from the scene at 9 seconds.
Objects are located automatically according to the list.
Text animationAbility to select the type of animation for the text (text in full, crushing by words / spells). If the text is split, the following options are available - from left to right, right to left, to the center, from the center, or by accident.All random

After the user has made a banner that suits him, he can save it to the My Banners section. A banner will appear there as soon as .swf is created on the server. Estimated creation time - from 10 seconds to 2 minutes.


With this article we would like to open a closed beta test site and get different opinions about its work and functionality. Basically it is the load testing of the site itself and the process of creating banners in the server part. Work in the constructors may take place without registration, but registration is still desirable. Users who register and take an active part in testing (bug reports, tips on how the site works, etc.) will receive yummie bonuses upon completion.

If you want to participate in closed beta testing, write to us at beta@bannersabc.com . In the email, please answer the following questions:

Within a few days we will give you access to the beta version of the site.

Thanks for attention.

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