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Free Android - Goldmine for Google


Google has developed the Android operating system, designed for free, free distribution, while offering full support, typical of proprietary proprietary products. It would seem, what is the use of developing an OS for Google that they are not going to sell, and whose developers are not going to limit the manufacturers of Android-based communicators? Nevertheless, Google has found a way to benefit, and not a little.

Jonathan Rosenberg, senior vice president of product management at Google, said that the mobile business now brings the company more than a billion dollars in revenue. Profit comes exclusively from people who access Google products and services, as well as clicking on advertising links in a search engine. “Our mobile search queries have grown fivefold compared to previous years,” said Rosenberg. "And, of course, there were a lot more requests sent from Android phones." (Approx. Translator: Android’s market share in September was 9.79% , while Google’s share in the mobile search segment was 98.34% )

CEO Eric Schmidt said during the conference about the company's revenues that Google believes that the mobile communications market will be a more promising area than the personal computer market, and that he wants Google to become a leading company in this segment . optimistic, although there is a reason for this. The market of mobile devices operating on the Internet in North America grew by almost 3% over the year, accounting for 4% of the total number of devices with Internet access) . Based on app sales and search revenue, he already characterizes Android as “extremely profitable.” Analysts questioned the scalability of the platform and wondered whether Google could implement services on a paid basis or even charge for OS, as Microsoft does. However, Nikesh Arora, president of global sales and business development at Google, said that Google is happy with revenues and there is “no reason to change the monetization model.”

According to the company, in the Android Market about 90,000 applications, and about 200,000 Android devices are sold daily around the world. If you look at the same data, but the Apple iPhone, then in the AppStore about 300,000 applications with sales of about 100,000 devices per day.


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