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Games for real life

Dear habrovchane and guests of Habr!

We present to your attention a new Internet resource OserWin.com. On it we offer to conquer our weaknesses and achieve any life goals (even the smallest ones) by making a Bet with ourselves.

A concrete example - you want to quit smoking. You make a bet on the site (for the first time, for example, make a promise to yourself that you do not smoke a single cigarette during the week).
At the same time you:

- fix the essence of the Bet (in the text version, but it is better to attach your video promise, so more effective);
- Set the time and date of the end of the dispute;
- on the Betting page you can attach a photo for the stimulus (as an option - black lungs, with the words “Died of lung cancer”);
- most importantly - make a bet. Bet betting is a punishment you have invented for you, in case you break the bet condition;
- indicate as a Support, someone from close (friends, relatives). This is for an additional incentive, they, on the one hand, will look after you, and on the other hand, they will be a little embarrassed for you not to keep their promise.

After the expiration of the Bet (or earlier, how it will be) you decide for yourself whether you have won the Bet or lost. Everything is calculated on the conscience. In the end, you can only deceive yourself. If you win - your reward is the achievement of your goal, if you lose - as a punishment - you need to execute a Bet Bet, that is, punish yourself.

Here is a brief game.

We came up with such a game originally for ourselves.
When I went to see friends at my meetings, I always promised my beloved wife not to touch alcohol and said this absolutely sincerely. But the warm friendly atmosphere, it is also relaxing. And often I returned to my own abode "on the horns." It turns out that I was deceived, although I consider myself a responsible person and I used to keep my word. We got tired of it, and then I began to talk to my wife - if I don’t keep my word and still take too much, then ... and they came up with different, pleasant for her, but not so much - wishes for me. Since then, that only I have not performed. And he cleaned the houses many times, and bought various things and went to the theaters, in short, he performed "Betting Bets." But most importantly, I practically stopped drinking. I liked the idea. And so it was embodied in the online version.

In fact, these principles can apply anywhere, anytime and with anyone. Now we are trying to play like this with our children.

We have another application for this game.
In order for it to work out it is necessary, of course, to make a dozen of efforts, but “the eyes are afraid, the hands are doing”. We want to attract as public players on OserWin.com public people, especially politicians. And how we do it. He spoke with three boxes, he was elected, he didn’t fulfill, he has privileges of benefit, no penalties - unfairly. And here we want the candidate to record his promises on the site before the election (to deputies, presidents, chiefs) and say what he will do if he does not fulfill them by a certain time. And if you are a politician, and the people believed you, chose you, and you did not fulfill the promise, then here be so kindly execute the Bet Bet. For example, I would be somehow satisfied if our measures, which didn’t do anything good for the residents of the city, stood for an hour on the main street in swimming trunks, distributed oranges to the children and apologized. But seriously, you need to teach them - if you do not know how, well, it didn’t work out for you - get out of office on time.

The project is just starting here, so we will be happy to receive advice, comments, suggestions, and indeed any feedback.
And we hope that you will be able to change for the better or do something good for yourself thanks to such a kind of game.

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