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Starbucks and L'Oreal launch first geo mobile ad in UK

The British will receive offers with discounts from Starbucks and L'Oreal on their mobile phones with targeting not only by age, gender and interests, but also by location. The ad campaign is called the largest geo-marketing campaign outside of Japan.

Both brands collaborate with UK-based cellular provider O2 (owned by Spanish company Telefónica, the world's third largest cellular company), using the “geofencing” method, in which the system sends text messages to customers when they are in close proximity to the store.

Ken Leitch, a spokesman for O2, said: “In the advertising world, for years, there has been talk of mobile marketing based on the user's location. And this time has come. This reality is already here. ”
Starbucks will hold geo mobile promotions not only in its coffee shops, but also near grocery stores, where codes will be sent that give the right to buy new Via instant coffee 50 cents cheaper.

L'Oreal will distribute coupon codes using geofencing technology to promote the Elvive brand (hair care products) next to the Superdrug cosmetic store chain.

According to Ken Leitch, other brands will also join the service over the next few weeks and will get access to nearly a million audience of O2 More subscribers.

The system is based on the technology developed by a private American company Placecast, which determines the user's location using satellite navigation.

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