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The Pentagon asks the media not to publish secret information about military campaigns

It seems that WikiLeaks has achieved its goal - the publication in the public domain of secret documents about the US military campaigns (and some other states) in different countries has touched the Pentagon. And it hurt to such an extent that the leadership of this powerful organization is now tearfully asking not to publish secret documents in the public domain, not really, however, hoping that the request will find understanding from the WikiLeaks team. However, today the Pentagon’s press secretary asked representatives of other media not to publish secret documents concerning the US military campaigns.

This request was received today, probably after Essend announced the news that the next batch of secret documents will be published soon. Currently, about 77 thousand secret military documents on the war in Afghanistan have already been published on this resource. Now the Pentagon has learned that more than 400 thousand (!) Documents about operations in Iraq have fallen into the hands of Essenge and his partners.
Now the warriors in a hurry to review their own database, trying to determine what documents could be compromised by the irrepressible Australian. A Pentagon press secretary shared with various media representatives that he may have provided secret documents, unpublished, to various newspapers, magazines and other media. Although, in the opinion of the same representative of the Pentagon, these documents can not be published by the media, because it is contrary to US law. In addition, such information cannot be disseminated by the mass media of this country even if the secret documents are publicly available.

It is worth noting that the WikiLeaks resource itself was unfamiliar to the general public before the video clip was published this spring, where it was perfectly visible how journalists were shot from a helicopter (as it turned out, the military could not bear the sight of a group of local residents near the minibus, suspecting in them the terrorists agreeing to conduct the next atrocity).

After it was posted 77 thousand documents about the war in Afghanistan, as mentioned above. Now the Pentagon is conducting an investigation, the purpose of which is to find out how the secret documents fall on WikiLeaks. By the way, Essendju was denied a residence permit in Sweden. Thus, he will have to seek a new haven. Well, in the meantime, the Pentagon changes the form of persuasion and begins to simply ask, which is very unusual for such an organization.

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