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With the withdrawal of the domain nokia.vkontakte.ru everything is not so simple

Immediately I warn you honestly that I am not deep in the subject, I may be mistaken about something and suspicious of innocent people ( update: in the comments the other side expresses its position), however, it seems we are completely wrong about the situation with by selecting the domain nokia.vkontakte.ru from the unfortunate “several enthusiasts”. I consider it important not to tinker in the conflict and intrigue-scandals, but the fact that many habrauser turned out to be misinformed.

Here is a fragment of the appeal, which Timur Krasnobrizhev, one of the administrators of the group, calls to send to the foreign office of Nokia:

But a line from his profile:

The Social Networks Agency has been working with Nokia for two years. In September, Nokia ceased cooperation, and it didn’t part friendly at all - even demanded to remove its logo from the site. And now the question: do you think that an employee of a company called Social Networks, which worked with Nokia, by pure coincidence got into the administration of her group on a social network in order to deal with her “out of interest to the brand, without money”? And is it a coincidence that soon after the break in relations with the company, whose employee remained the administrator of the group, Nokia decided to select the domain? I think the situation is much more likely when the Social Networks decided that they would not give the companies for which they were working on the VKontakte group access to the administration of this group, but Nokia, having no legal rights to the group, decided in retaliation would select a domain. Moreover, although Eldar Murtazin and a representative of VKontakte groups claim on Habré that Nokia did not even try to agree on a peaceful settlement of the conflict and joint management of the group, this also does not look true:

All this, in general, their personal clashes, I do not know who it was originally wrong there, and I do not want to find out. (Is it possible that I would like to know what the real enthusiasts of the group think about this, who supported it all three years and have no direct relation to either Nokia or the “Social Networks”.) But I just don’t like frank lies to users - and here it is, apparently, takes place, and by this lie unknowing users also agitate to subscribe.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106388/

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