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Record Radio for iPhone - iRecord

Hi friends (and St. Petersburg people in particular)!

I like music very much. Even more I love to listen to her, different. However, there are cases when you want a quality randomizer, so at such moments I listen to the radio.

It is possible to argue about tastes for a long time, but the favorite radio is the St. Petersburg Record. Therefore, today I want to present to the attention of the public an application for listening to it on the iPhone / iPod Touch.

If someone asks “Why, because there is an iRusRadio program?”, Then I can easily answer - Record radio has 4 online broadcasts, and in iRusRadio, only Record itself.

At the very beginning of the development, it was decided to adhere to the interface used by Radio Record on the site - in the online player. And also wanted to abandon the constant animation on the screen.

You can download it either by clicking the link , or by searching the AppStore for the word "record."

The application (of course) is free, I will be glad to hear suggestions / suggestions / constructive criticism in the comments.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106384/

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