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Reformal.ru: new design, feedback categories and API

The Reformal.ru team is pleased to announce the release of a new version, to which we have added:

- division of visitors' reviews into categories;
- additional options for the design of widgets;
- the ability to integrate Reform.Ru system projects with your own widgets (API).

And now about everything in more detail and in order.

About categories.

The main task of Reformal.Ru is to help collect and systematize ideas from visitors to your sites. But in practice, users not only leave their suggestions, but also report bugs and ask questions.
On sites with high activity it becomes difficult to manage records on the project. To help the moderator cope with this task, we decided to add a division of reviews into categories. There are only 4 of them: "Ideas", "Errors", "Questions" and "Thanks".

Disable categories or make them available you decide for yourself - the choice of mode is in the settings of each project.

About widgets.

Naturally, the addition of categorization of reviews could not but affect the appearance of the widgets. Consider some design examples that you can already use on your site:

a) from the site reformal.ru :

b) so now the widget looks like without division into categories (from the site “Ideas for Zaporozhye”: idea.zp.ua ):

c) and this is the default version of the widget. It does not require preliminary settings, so its creation and placement on the site will take only 5-10 minutes:

API and integration.

We took into account the requests of our users about the possibility of creating and implementing their own versions of forms and widgets, their functionality and design.

Integration Reformal.Ru with your project is carried out through the API. More information about the service can be on our website ( http://reformal.ru/api/ ).

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