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Non-standard use of the Multifon service in the "iron" version

With the connection of the new Multifon service from Megaphone, it became possible to receive and make calls not only to a mobile phone, but also to various Internet devices with support for the SIP protocol, which has already been written by respected Habrovcans.
But we decided to test this service not with programs for SIP telephony, but with an “iron” device. And as a test device, a relatively new phone model from Cisco was chosen with the sonorous name iPhone or WIP310-G2 .

This model was chosen due to the fact that it assumes relative freedom due to the presence of Wi-Fi.
By itself, the phone looks quite stylish, and at the same time fits into the general lineup of office phones Cisco.

In size it is slightly larger than a mobile phone, but it also fits comfortably in your hand.

The package, in addition to the USB cable for charging and quick start guide, includes a stylish delivery-charging on the table.

Go to setting up the phone:

First you need to catch a Wi-Fi network, then go to the DHCP-issued IP address.
If any of the readers have already configured Cisco or Linksys phones, then he will recognize the standard web interface. In it go to admin login.

Next, go to the Ext 1 tab,

where we are interested in the section Proxy and Registration.

After we have entered all the necessary data, after a reboot, you can use the phone.

What is the profit from the WIP310 bundle and the Multifon service?

+ You can take the phone with you on a business trip or on a trip and have your mobile number everywhere, making and receiving calls at normal rates. Unfortunately, there is no possibility to check the possibility of connecting to the service from abroad, but we hope that there will be readers who will send the results of their checks.

The minuses are also present and they are not small:

- A weak battery (860mAh) holds a charge for about an hour.

- It does not support two accounts at the same time, which would make it possible to use the phone in conjunction with an office PBX.

Ps. What other interesting ways to use the Multifon service we see:

1. If at work you have an IP phone on several lines, then you can easily set up Multifon and, without being distracted by a mobile phone, receive and make calls.

2. You can hang up the phone number on the site as another way to contact your store by linking it to an existing IP PBX (Asterisk). There is a truth limit on 2 simultaneous calls.

3. And of course by purchasing a direct Moscow number in Megaphone and activating the Multifon service to use it in your Small branch or representative office.

2ps: At the prepaid tariffs of Megaphone, you need to control the contract validity period so that you will not be accidentally turned off, as happened to us at the O`Hard tariff. Plus it or a minus everyone solves.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106374/

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