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One easy way to be freer

Despite the fact that the holiday season has already ended, many people have to travel a lot on duty. If you drive outside your country it becomes harder to keep in touch with your family and close people.

To solve business issues on the spot you have to buy a SIM card from a local telecom operator. By doing this, you will kill two birds with one stone. Just set up call forwarding from your CallMe widget ! to any mobile number, and you can receive incoming calls from the Internet at the lowest rates: from your page, Facebook profile, from anywhere!

As expected, the winners of the “100,000 clicks for the top 100 freelancers” contest that we selected last week, which are 10 this time.

Linux Expert ($ 0.10)
Adobe After Effects ($ 0.10)
Consultations on general computer issues ($ 0.30)
Bilingualism, training and education of bilingual children ($ 0.50)
Financial Markets ($ 0.50)
Professional advice on solving computer problems ($ 0.90)
Consultations on general construction, repair, electrical work ($ 0.99)
Club of Rich People ($ 1.00)
Advice on choosing equipment for summer and winter sports ($ 1.50)
Business Consulting ($ 2.50)
The fact is that many people still come to us without understanding to the end the essence of everything that is happening, trying to create a free service , or take money for calls from the widget .

We remind you that while creating a personal service, every specialist should be ready to call, at any time, from a person who is eager to receive information for the money he is willing to pay.

However, this is all the same your moment, as a specialist in your field - turn it into a benefit!

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