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Vkontakte camp

This summer I had the opportunity to work with children at the recreation center. When I became acquainted with such an organization, namely the impregnated social network Vkontakte, there were no limits to my indignation.
Firstly, in this booth all children in the camp were registered on VKontakte.
Secondly, almost every day for children organized events related to Vkontakte, for example, Vkontaktiada or the game "Happy Farmer".
Thirdly, children were regularly taken to the computer classroom for communication, games and adding each other as friends on Vkontakte.
This is normal, natural, right? To think about it and perhaps discuss the causes and consequences of this phenomenon, you can look at this photo report.
UPD. Open disagreement, often a sign of movement forward © Mahatma Gandhi
Be discreet. The stormy discussion is to blame the news, not the informant.

I will say right away that I was not present at the very registration ceremony for Vkontakte, since I worked on the main base with other children. Therefore, I can not say, registered online or as a game, but essentially it does not change.

Stairs to the dining room:

Schedule of events for the shift:

More details:
Unintended advertising?

Vkontakte applications:

Happy farmer:

Parents are not Vkontakte, come off as you want:

Find love Vkontakte. My brain rebooted.

Information stands:

Vkontakte ads:

Games Vkontakte:

Perhaps by some coincidence, the name of one of the units is “Spammers”:

The page with the photo report will be too heavy for discussion, but it seems to me that such phenomena can and should be discussed.
Blaming someone for one is stupid and pointless. It is perfectly clear that society is changeable, and now it adapts to the absurdity of our era. We ourselves create the world around us.

However, quite precisely, the influence of this seemingly stupid social network is enormous. And what will happen in 5-10 years? Do we want our children registered in school or kindergarten?

In order to dilute the situation a bit and reduce dissatisfaction, which still does not solve anything, I will add videos of the children I worked with (and enjoyed the work) I did.


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