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Game "Space Hunters"

In early October 2010, a demo version of the game "Space Hunters" was released - a space RPG, ideologically close to such games as "Space Rangers" and "Space Rangers 2: Dominators". You can play the demo version at www.spacehunters.ru .

However, "Space Hunters" can not be called plagiarism - with the "Space Rangers" they share the similarity of the gameplay, but otherwise, "Hunters" is a completely new game with a unique universe, vivid characters and witty dialogues.
The concept of the free world, presented in the "Space Rangers" is preserved and supplemented. A player can do whatever he sees fit: travel from star to star, complete quests on planets, fight, trade, communicate with NPCs, improve equipment, collect fleets, rob or, conversely, fight pirates. At the same time, the developers are very attentive to the history of the game world. Everything that is happening now has its own reasons, sometimes very ancient and little-known. In the course of the story, the player will have to get acquainted with the ancient history, having unraveled many mysterious and dangerous tangles. The storyline in "Space Hunters" is expressed quite clearly, even sharply. The player will have to get into a situation where the fate of not only him, but also other characters, and even the entire Galaxy, will depend on the decision made. Of course, the plot of the game is non-linear, involves a lot of options for passing and several different endings. However, we will not reveal all the details of the plot. It will be more interesting if each player opens them himself - having made his choice.

The modern world is divided among themselves by five distinctive races: intelligent and technologically advanced elns, reckless Letakis, belligerent felaras, sly and secretive oksiean and charming liri (the last race consists entirely of women, and what women!). There are also free trading worlds - the refuge of those who love to make money and a little bit out of tune with the law. On the periphery are uninhabited worlds. These are fragments of an ancient, long-vanished state - the Star Alliance. They are very dangerous, but at the same time they conceal many surprising discoveries and valuable artifacts.

There is in the game world and analogue of the dominators - these are nomads, a predatory inorganic form of life. The Space Hunters Corporation is fighting with them. As is clear from the name of the game, the activities of this glorious organization are not the last in the plot. And the extermination of nomads will be very exciting, and most importantly - a profitable occupation for the player. To do this, at his disposal - a variety of corps, weapons and equipment that can be changed and improved. At an advanced stage, the technology will become available to the player the unique Star Alliance.

In addition to improving equipment, also available for pumping combat, technical and other skills - as in any classic RPG.
Will please the player dialogues and quests full of humor. They will not only make money and improve the player’s skills, but will also become an important part of the storyline.

All this can be tried in the demo version of “Space Hunters”, which is available at www.spacehunters.ru
The only difference from the full version is the plot - in the demo version only its plot is presented.

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