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Survey: Is your company a “dream company”?

It is well known that many large IT-corporations create such working conditions that employees begin to call the place of their employment "dream company". There is an opinion that today, in the conditions of the constant need for motivated, thinking employees, a different approach is already irrational. But it’s one thing to a corporation with millions of incomes, another is small and medium business.

I want to ask you. Let's try to summarize information about how employees in small companies motivate employees with elements of the “dream company” concept. How can this be done within a small budget, limited time and administrative resources?

Tell us about what methods of stimulation are taken from you. Free lunches? Lounges with sofas and gaming consoles? Free gym tickets? Payment of seminars and trainings that you would like to attend? How, in general, does the system of such motivation work for you? Why, how long? What were the prerequisites for its creation?
If in your company there is nothing of the kind, then does it seem necessary to you? If so, what could it be, and how would this innovation affect the performance of the company, in your opinion?

I would appreciate detailed comments. And according to the results of the discussion and the information gathered, I will write an article where I will try to summarize everything and give direct recommendations to company executives on how to build their “dream companies” effectively and within the framework of lifting budgets. Thanks in advance for your help!

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