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New service features I'm Sync

Two months have passed since the last update. During this time, we managed to work hard and added several possibilities at once, which we had been asking for a long time.

In the new version:

Albums of photos and video

So, in the components of the publication of photos and videos have the opportunity to create albums. Now you can organize photos and videos on your site even more conveniently.

In addition, significantly increased the speed of displaying photos when flipping. Now photos are displayed even faster and more smoothly.


This was asked for a long time. And we are finally happy to present this opportunity. Now you can upload not only your own video files, but also YouTube videos.

To do this, simply specify a link to the corresponding video. For example, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=niqrrmev4mA . An example can be found here .

Facebook and Vkontakte

And, finally, the most interesting. Now you can add Facebook and Vkontakte buttons to any component. These buttons will allow users of your site to share links to photos, events, videos and products with their friends, thereby increasing the attendance of your site.

We hope these updates will make your sites even more convenient. We will be happy to hear constructive criticism, as well as receive suggestions from you to improve the service.

UPD. Link to the service: iamsync.ru .

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