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IPhone Web 2.0 SDK Features

As everyone probably already knows, Apple has stated that the only way to develop applications for the iPhone is to use the web interface and the built-in near-real Safari browser. This, I must admit, a rather bold approach prompted me to test this method of ideology with a thought experiment.

With nine years of web development experience, I believe that I can determine from the description of the application whether it is possible to implement similar products using the web interface of a handheld device. It remains to take a list of applications and walk on it.

As such an initial list, I took the Best Selling section of the PocketGear site - one of the largest online software stores for the PocketPC platform (Windows Mobile).


However, judging by the majority of the applications listed, Steve’s web approach is quite viable. Moreover, after a little googling, it turned out that the iPhone seems to support flash (the proof found — the New York Times page with a flash movie was shown in an iPhone advertisement). [ Update: while I was writing all this, an almost official message was discovered that the iPhone does not actually support flash. ]

It is not known whether it will be possible to save a web page from Safari inside the iPhone. It would be desirable - for simple applications like a calculator or a clock, it would be quite convenient. Not to mention the books.

It would also be great if the iPhone supported Google Gears or a similar technology (a lightweight local SQL server for web applications). So far nothing has been said about this. Exactly as nothing is said about the previously declared support for widgets - will it be possible for third-party developers to write their own widgets? Which API subset will be supported?

There are still significantly more questions about the iPhone than answers, and the situation is unlikely to change until June 29th.

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