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Habr is not the place for advice on physical education, so today I want to present you a new project that is designed to help solve a variety of problems that arise during training or in the process of training, such as choosing a fitness club or instructor, choosing the optimal training program, diets, finding a partner for training, and also provides many many other possibilities.

Just want to note that at the moment the project is closed, i.e. view content can only registered users. This is a temporary measure, as soon as we solve a number of issues, all content (except for personal information, of course) will be visible to unregistered users.

In the training section for each exercise there is a video instruction, the food catalog contains complete information about the nutritional value. We want to collect information about all sports facilities not only in Moscow and St. Petersburg, but throughout Russia and in the CIS countries. Training programs and diets drawn up by professionals, so you can safely register and start a new lifestyle. Many features are available now, and new ones will be available soon:
  1. a significant increase in the number of training programs and exercises;
  2. mobile clients for many popular platforms;
  3. sports goods aggregator from most stores;
  4. translation of the interface into the languages ​​of the CIS countries and the provision of all the possibilities that Russian users have, including technical support in the national language;
  5. The most comprehensive list of places to train, with the ability to search for objects near the house

Registration on the site takes a few seconds. Waiting for habrasoobschestva constructive criticism.
daraba.ru .

UPD: there are a lot of errors in the updated chrome, MooTools is incorrectly processed, we solve the problem.
UPD2: I would like to know the motivation of the minus, along with a minus at least specify a bug or what exactly did not like. We want to be better.

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