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Logo and smartphones (news of the Business Incubator of the Academy of National Economy)

image On October 19, at the final qualifying session of residents of the Business Incubator of the Academy of National Economy, the site will present its official logo.

On Tuesday, the final selection of the first residents of the Business Incubator of the Academy of National Economy under the President of the Russian Federation will take place. Since the opening of the incubator in May this year , more than 120 applications have been received from projects representing different industries. During the preliminary selection, those that have the highest commercial attractiveness, proven technical feasibility and teams without “weak links” were identified.

The incubator organizers plan to compare the opinions of well-known representatives of Russian business, who are included in the expert committee, with the expectations of the audience. Everyone who comes to the qualifying session will be given a shot list with brief descriptions of the finalist projects. The one who will determine which projects as accurately as possible and in what order they will go to the incubator will be presented with a modern communicator.
Incidentally, members of an incubator team are often asked why Apple products are always presented. It was decided not to deviate from the good tradition of giving what meets the most modern technological standards. But for a change, this time the HTC communicator based on Android OS was chosen as a prize.
Participation is free, you must register. The event starts on October 19 at 18:30, ending at 20:30. After the completion of the qualifying session of participants and guests waiting for a buffet.

Address: pr.Vernadskogo, 82 (campus ANH) .

The name of the person who will receive the iPhone 4G for the best comment on the project application on the business incubator website will also be announced.

Register for the event here.

The fate of the finalists will be determined by:
Selected startups will be able to participate in the incubator's applied educational programs, use the services of consultants and the best market experts, get access to the investment community, the opportunity of overseas internships and, of course, the office infrastructure prepared for residents.

Guests of the event will be representatives of the venture industry, start-up experts and leading technical experts.

The team of the Business Incubator of the Academy of National Economy

Academy of National Economy
One of the largest managerial universities in Russia. The Academy is a multi-level research and educational complex that implements a model of continuing education, within which programs of higher and secondary professional education are carried out. More than half of the graduates of the MBA and eMBA programs in Russia received a degree in the Academy of National Economy.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106334/

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