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Graphic editor on LibCanvas

Hi, Habr! I want to introduce you to a fresh application - a graphic editor on HTML5, made with the help of LibCanvas.

HTML5 editor

It is written completely from scratch based on LibCanvas. Initially, it was calculated simply as an html5 alternative to VK graffiti, but in the end something more serious came out. Although all source codes are open (you can use them under the GPL v3 license) if you are willing to support the project with development, you can write me and organize a normal repository)
Briefly about the possibilities:
1. History undo-redo (depth - up to 128 transitions)
2. Saving the result to the server (that green check mark above)
3. Downloading images by reference (but without features, it is great to load previously created graffiti for editing, but the image of an inappropriate size will seem like it will)
4. 216 colors, brush size and opacity adjustment
5. Some filters (their number in the future is limited only by fantasy). Currently: Invert, HSB Shift, Discoloration
6. Different brushes, the ability to create a new brush from a black and white mask (source editing is required), you can create a dynamic mask (like the Sparks brush)
7. The example of the selected brush is normally visible (and not as VKontakte)

if you want to - I can somehow try to write about how to do this

By the way, who cares about alternative editors on html5: 1 , 2

Some interesting from 1100 habra risunok made yesterday:

I repeat just in case:

HTML5 editor

ps. LibCanvas will take part in the GTUG contest , on October 26 in St. Petersburg, but I will not be able to come, you need a person who will introduce him instead of me, who want to invite him to a PM or to a jabber (there is a profile) or to shocksilien@gmail.com

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