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Ubuntu Linux install Fest. Moscow, 10.23.2010

Moscow Linux User Group in conjunction with Ubuntu Russian Loco and Russian Fedora invites everyone to Ubuntu Linux Install Fest, timed to coincide with the next release of the Ubuntu distribution, which will be held on October 23 in Moscow.
During the event, stories are planned about the use of the distribution kit, its main components, as well as answers to participants' questions and assistance in installation, configuration and use.
For more information and to register, please visit this page - mlug.timepad.ru/event/3612

Preliminary topics of reports and program of the event:

opening speech

User Environment in Ubuntu
- features of the GNOME environment - examples of effective use
- Nautilus file manager - additional features and secrets
- Compiz window manager - why “beautifully” does not mean “slow”
- NetworkManager - the lord of networks
- Debian / Ubuntu batch system - subtleties and non-obvious features
- Facing mistakes - how to solve problems
Distribution Communities
- Russian Ubuntu Loco - resources and structure of the Russian-speaking community
- Russian Fedora Team - activities and initiatives

Advanced Topics
- Network in Ubuntu through the eyes of a system administrator
- Server on Linux - easier than it seems
- Program from source code to Ubuntu repositories

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