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Chrome, Android, Geo / Maps hackathons before and after GDD 2010


Everyone is looking forward to sending invitations to Google Developer Day 2010, which will be held in Moscow on November 12. See the program and venue here .
GTUG Moscow Conducts three hackathons on the occasion of GDD 2010, of course, with the participation of Google experts.
There will be famous Googlers: Michael Mahemoff , Reto Meier , Mano Marks , Mike Aizatsky .

So! =)

Central information resource on Russia GTUG .

All three events will be held at the MIRBIS Institute, the main academic building
Address: Moscow st. Marxist d.34, building 7
To enter the required document (passport), do not forget to capture!

Each hackathon will take 8 hours of workday from 9:00 to 17:00.

Themes on hackathons are common: “Planning”, “Visualization”, “Exchange” (information, experience etc).

11th of November

- two hackathons on Chrome and Android.

Combined projects are extremely welcome, i.e. browser applications that work in conjunction with an Android device application, and for full harmony - server support on GAE.

There is a request - do not register immediately for both hackathons (Chrome & Android) on November 11!
Choose what is more interesting for you and fill out only that registration form. It will be possible to go to the next hackathon without any problems!
Those who, in the hope of increasing their chances to get, will maliciously neglect the request and register for both hackathons on November 11 - we will never let them go anywhere and nowhere!

At 11 and 13 simultaneously register, of course, possible.

Chrome hackathon

Google expert: Michael Mahemoff Chrome advocate.
Venue: Audience 319.
Registration: here .

Android hackathon

Google expert: Reto Meier Android advocate.
Venue: Audience 305.
Registration: here .

Mike Aizatsky , Google’s App Engine expert, will also be present, he will be able to ask questions, see a master class using GAE etc.

Both events will be held on the same day. At our disposal will be two separate rooms, internet, sockets, coffee break and lunch break.

the 13th of November

- Hackathon by Geo, Maps and related technologies.

Google expert: Mano Marks Geo Specialist Maps.
Venue: Audience 305.
Registration: here .

There will be internet, sockets, coffee break and lunch break.

All events require several people who speak English at a level sufficient to help those in need of translation.
Get ready to spend the whole day in translations! To those who want to help in this not simple business, I promise 3-4 native English speakers to practice the whole day! =)
If you are interested in translating, write to me right now, do not delay for tomorrow!

At GDD itself, during two long breaks, active GTUG-geras will hold presentations of their projects, we are waiting for everyone who will be interested to look at real (not mythical =) projects using Google technology.
If, suddenly, you have a desire to make a mini presentation of your project - such an opportunity is not excluded!

Arkady Khachkovanyan, set112gm@gmail.com, @russiagtug
organizer spb / moscow / russia-gtug.ru

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