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authorship of the article and the button "write"

I am writing for the first time, please do not kick much. It seems to me not quite convenient that when opening a separate article, a bar (a sign with points (by the way, why not votes?), Date, author and other data) is only after the article. For example, I am interested to see the name of the author next to the title. Sometimes, after the first or second paragraph, it becomes interesting who the author is. We have to convulsively shake down, then back ... You can after all duplicate this data after the article and before (but after the title)? In this case, the display in the general tape suits me perfectly, because, as a rule, more or less long articles are written with habrakat.

Having decided to convey this thought to habroobschestvennosti, faced with the fact that he could not find how to do it. The secret turned out to be simple: my graphics are turned off (anlim hasn’t gotten anywhere yet). Despite the fact that the button has 'alt', I don’t see the “write” sign, most likely because of the small size of the button itself. Given the rather complex system of "karma" "power" and other things, the habranovichok can simply decide that he is not allowed this action. I think this is critical for the community where content is created by users.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/10632/

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