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The first clock on electronic ink

On Habré, periodically there are reviews of watches brought almost to the UFO to the delight of us, geeks. This time I’m happy to present the first electronic ink watch to your court: Phosphor.

The creator of this interesting product is a young American startup ART TECHNOLOGY Ltd.
So far this is the only wrist watch with a large dial on electronic ink. Wikipedia will tell more about E Ink technology.
Like an experienced geek, I liked the Phosphor watch with a leather strap (there is such an orange, wildly exciting strip on the strap). How the display works in reality and without “photoshop” we look at a few photos:
black on white:

white on black:


In general, I liked the watch overall and I took one to satisfy the young, gigantic nature.
You can purchase from the official representative in Russia .
PS: Yes, this is my first big post, don't kick with your legs. And if someone wants to invite another Internet merchant to Habr - the owner of the MegaFish , I will gladly pass on your invitation to him.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106319/

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