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Understanding Creative Commons Public Domain Tools

I decided to make your comment a separate post.
So let's take a look at the public domain tools from Creative Commons (I hope everyone knew that Creative Commons is not just a license).

First, traditionally recall that such a public domain . Public domain is a state where the work is not protected by copyright. This may be for several reasons. For example, copyrights never existed (for example, photos taken by NASA), copyright expired (Pushkin died more than 70 years ago), copyright was refused (for example, this post).

Creative Commons’s first ever tool of interest is located at creativecommons.org/licenses/publicdomain . It was created both to transfer the work you have created to the public domain (that is, to waive your copyright), and to mark the work that is not protected by copyright (for example, a NASA photo). However, this tool is based only on US laws and may not work in other countries. Most likely it is because of this that the Creative Commons organization abandoned this tool and no longer recommends its use.
Instead of the obsolete tool, it is now recommended to use two other tools .

CC Zero now exists to transfer the work you created to the public domain (i.e., waiving your copyright). This tool is designed to operate around the world (including in Russia), and not just in the United States. I believe that all anti-copyright wrestlers should use CC Zero without exception. I myself will show an example below.

In order to mark someone else's work as not copyrighted, there is a Public Domain Mark . That is, this is if you post the poems of Pushkin on the site.

Now about what the transfer to the public domain differs from the distribution under the license CC-BY . The differences are very small, but for Russia there is practically no. First, in the United States (as opposed to Russia), authors of works in ML can be omitted (that is, public domain is the denial of the right to a name). Secondly, CC-BY is, after all, a license and copyrights are retained, it is simply given permission to copy, edit and commercial use.

And now I, as promised, with the help of CC0 I refuse copyright to this text, because I want it to not suffer from copyright restrictions, such as the prohibition of copying.

To the extent possible under law, TarzanASG has waived “Understand the Creative Commons Public Domain Tools”. This work is published from: Russian Federation.

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