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Eric Schmidt predicts the emergence of new billions of web users

The other day, the executive director of Google Corporation Eric Schmidt announced that the corporation significantly increased the profitability of its services and projects. In the wake of this success, Eric Schmidt gave an interesting interview where he expresses his thoughts, vision of the future of the Network. First, he once again noted the financial success of his company, stating that "everything that is a billion dollars is good, and if the amount grows, it is even better." Schmidt and his colleagues are pinning their hopes on the even greater success of their company on the emergence of an increasing number of web users.

Such an increase, according to Google CEO, is bound to happen against the background of the constant improvement of mobile devices through which hundreds of millions of people get on the Internet, thus adding to the Internet community. Currently, according to various analytical agencies, the number of Internet users worldwide is already 2 billion. This, of course, affects society, including the economy.
Schmidt also hopes for the success of his company's new product, Google TV. True, he does not undertake to predict anything yet. “What happens if you give a powerful browser to the hands of a person who has never worked with anything more modern than a TV?” So far I can not answer this question. We do not know what they think, ”comments Schmidt.

It is clear that most newcomers to the web are looking primarily for entertainment, which is quite natural for human nature. But then more and more people begin to work on the Web, creating an open information model of the community and civilization as a whole.

Now the main strategy of the corporation is to attract more and more people as users of the Network. Schmidt believes that this is a positive trend. It goes without saying that the more people there are on the Web, the more profit corporations will extract, including Google. Eric Schmidt believes that soon hundreds of millions of users will appear on the Web, and Google will play an important role, trying to make it as easy as possible to connect to the Web for those who want to start using the Internet. Well, one can say that Google is doing quite well - a lot of work has been done, and more needs to be done.


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