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Microsoft decided to reduce the price of the Xbox 360

Those who have not bought the latest generation gaming console, but are going to do it, can be happy - Microsoft reduces the prices on its console. It seems that after this company, prices will start to be reduced by other manufacturers of gaming consoles - for example, Sony and Nintendo. How much will the price be reduced? Well, for example, in Japan, prices will be reduced by almost $ 100, from $ 280 to $ 183 (that's for the Xbox 360 Arcade). In general, prices will be reduced in three stages (geographical) - first in the USA, then in Japan, and only then in Europe.

As usual, price cuts are carried out to ensure that these products are bought more for Christmas and New Year. Microsoft executives hope that such a significant price reduction will significantly increase sales. In addition, the price reduction aims to ensure that the console bought by those who can not be considered particularly active gamers.
It is clear that video game lovers have long since acquired something from the top three - either the Wii, or the PS3, or the Xbox 360. Real gamers are willing to spend more significant funds, just to get the device they want. But those who want to have fun, which do not belong to the category of gamers, are still looking at prices. Thus, Xbox 360 buyers can really become much more - not every day the price falls by $ 100, agree.

Interestingly, now Sony Playstation 3 in the USA, in Japan and in Europe costs almost twice as much as the notorious Microsoft product. Of course, Sony Playstation 3 is a much more powerful gaming console, but so far the game developers have not learned to download this game console 100%.

The leader in sales of gaming consoles is still much more “weak” than the Xbox 360, and even more so, PS3, Nintendo's Wii. The developers of the latter proved that the buyer should be taken not by quantity, not by capacities, but by quality — by the originality of the games produced. True, sales of this console and PS3 are a little bit worse, but the Xbox 360 boasts positive sales dynamics. For example, last month it sold half a million more consoles from Microsoft than during the same period last year.

It seems that with the price reduction, the number of sales of this console will increase even more.

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