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Ajenti 0.4

In a short time I managed to fulfill almost all of your habrayuzer, orders for functionality, and now I just want to bring you the news about the release of the new version (be careful, post-changelog!).

Traditional picture to attract attention:


New buns include:

* FreeBSD support
* Clustering ( tutorial )
* New package manager that supports this clustering


* Backup and restore configs for each plugin


* New API for managing web servers, including nginx and lighttpd plugins
* Plugin settings / etc / hosts
* Rewritten network management plugin and all its backends (Arch, Debian, Suse, BSD)

I take this opportunity to inform you that they are looking for:

It really needs people who understand both Python and one of the supported platforms. Because you need to add the code so that it does not crash due to the fact that an option in the Suse network configs that I did not know was encountered.



Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106304/

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