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New series of memory modules

We present you a new model range of Apacer memory modules. We have created several series of integrated DRAM solutions for various systems and platforms.

A series of memory modules for desktop computers includes both single-channel models of up to 4 GB, and two-and three-channel. The Apacer Golden Series memory modules for desktops are equipped with a gold-plated heatsink, which significantly improves heat dissipation from memory chips and thereby increases the stability of systems.


In addition to the standard SO-DIMM memory modules for laptops and netbooks, Apacer offers SO-DIMM modules with a gold-plated heatsink of up to 4 GB, which more effectively cools the memory and improves the performance of a laptop computer while consuming minimal energy.

Demanding gamers seeking to get the most out of their computers
Apacer offers overclocking DDR3 Giant II series memory modules operating at 1600, 1800, 1866, 2000, 2133 and 2200 MHz frequencies and equipped with high-quality DRAM chips. In this series - two-and three-channel kits with ultra-high performance, the most relevant requirements of professional players.

For branded computers, Apacer is ready to offer a memory that is completely appropriate for a specific device. Thanks to rigorous testing for compliance with environmental and hardware standards, memory modules for Brandname devices, whether computers, laptops, servers, or printers, guarantee excellent stability and reliability.

Due to high stability and full compatibility with current hardware platforms, Apacer RAM modules have gained a positive image from users and are on the top lines of world ratings. All Apacer memory modules comply with JEDEC association standards. Lifetime warranty on certain models.

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