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Jason Taylor Underwater Sculptures

Jason Taylor - this is another person who surprised the world by combining the incompatible. In this case, the sculptor and ceramics specialist, who is also a scuba diving instructor, combined his specialties so far from each other in a single art project. So appeared "Underwater Sculpture Park".

In an effort to view objects in close connection with their environment, Jason swam into the waters of the West Indies, where, with the support of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture of Grenada, he opened an exhibition of sculptures. Under water. At the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

Taylor's sculptural children dance around the bottom
The concept, in a nutshell, is to create a unique space that combines the demonstration of natural processes with man-made modern art. It turned out something completely unprecedented, as the gallery on the project site eloquently says.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/10628/

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