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The largest Internet companies of Runet do not consider themselves responsible for the content posted by users.

As it has already been written on Habré, in the CIS and abroad, right holders have been very successfully lobbying their interests, taking part in the development of controversial and vague provisions of copyright law and related sections. This has happened more than once, and the largest Internet companies have decided to protect themselves from possible arbitrariness, while this is possible. In general, domestic companies made an open appeal, in writing of which participated the general director of Google Russia Vladimir Dolgov, general director of Mail.Ru Dmitry Grishin, general director of VKontakte Pavel Durov, general director of the united company Afishi and Rambler Nikolay Molibog, and also general director “Yandex” Arkady Volozh. Agree, such a constellation of Internet leaders rarely speaks together.

So, the Internet companies of the Russian Federation proposed to separate flies from cutlets, and to share legal responsibility for the violation of intellectual property rights. Lawyers of companies offer copyright holders to start work as soon as possible on improving the existing legislative mechanisms of copyright and neighboring rights, correcting multiple flaws.

The existing mechanisms now work as follows: when receiving a notice of content that violates copyright, the Internet platform closes access to the specified content (text, video, music, games, etc.). A service or website on which a user has posted pirated content, or content that violates the laws of the Russian Federation in any other way, without affecting the copyright holders, can and should, in principle, issue information about this user to law enforcement authorities. However, this process is often violated, and content sites themselves receive a subpoena demanding to compensate for the loss of rights holders. It is clear that large companies are unlikely to place online films or pirated music on their pages.
“Vkontakte”, Rambler Media and other platforms have already fallen under the distribution, so to speak, Vkontakte is generally considered the largest file archive of pirated content. In general, the fight against pirates is underway, but the methods of this fight are not entirely honest. As a result, everyone suffers - both rights holders, sites and users.

Let us hope that the “Open Appeal” of Internet companies will be able to change the situation for the better.

Here you can read the full text of the appeal.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106277/

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