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Google has introduced a new feature to combat Internet fraudsters

Google Inc. today launched a new feature for its search service, which allows you to intensify the fight against fraudulent sites. The function will be useful to both ordinary users and system administrators, since the former see a warning about the danger, and the latter are notified by the system about the existence of a problem with the security of their site.

The function is called Safe Browsing Alerts for Network Administrators, and was introduced around September of this year. It is worth noting that Safe Browsing Alerts for Network Administrators allowed network administrators to check the reliability of their own resources and networks.
In addition, Google laid out in the open access a kind of service that allows you to make sure that you are doing everything correctly, ensuring the security of your site and your computer. Service, more precisely, the list / algorithm of actions, is called Gmail Security Checklist . The entire list is divided into five parts: 1. Your computer; 2. Your browser; 3. Your google account; 4. Gmail settings; 5. Reminders

The corporation claims that the function will be useful to those who are responsible for the operation and security of sites - especially those people who are not particularly well versed in security issues. The problem is that badly protected sites are often attacked by hackers, placing malicious software on their pages. Naturally, this is done "quietly," and the site owner does not understand that his site is now a kind of breeding ground for viruses. This service is much more functional than the site monitoring service that previously worked, when the search engine in its output showed the message “this site may harm your computer”.

The system also allows you to alert users and administrators and phishing sites. Interestingly, Safe Browsing Alerts for Network Administrators allows you to work with the XML format by connecting this function to various newsletters with warnings.

In addition, Google developers have introduced a new version of the software development package - Google App Engine. According to the developers, this version of the program allows you to make monitoring and maintenance of applications more functional. Plus, applications based on the Google App Engine can be run on a platform similar to Google.

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