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Beeline launched a new scam

Good day% username%!

From today, VimpelCom (Beeline trademark), launched a new quiz!
Messages come from number 7007, unfortunately I could not find the information on this promotion anywhere, not on the official site or on Google.

Essence: once every 10 minutes spam comes with stupid questions and answer options 1 | 2, you can unsubscribe (judging by the first SMS) by sending “0” to number 7007. But then, as usual, programmers have jabbed, then specially when sending the cherished “0” to number 7007 the situation does not change at all. It was also found experimentally that when sending any message to this number, ~ 30 p. (including when trying to unsubscribe from the quiz imposed by Beeline).
I still want to believe that this is a mistake of Beeline programmers (?), And not a perfidious way to take a couple of other bucks from the subscriber.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106267/

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