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How I remotely bought direct Moscow number

I want to share my experience of acquiring a direct Moscow number with a VoIP-client.
I remember once looking for information about it myself, but I did not find anything like it.

It happened this summer, choosing between the services of Mango and Rosnet .
The remaining firms did not seem serious or were simply with high prices.

The choice was stopped on Rosnet, because he did not get through to Mango and did not write (via the form on the website).
Mango, it seems, is a more modern company and their site is more beautiful, but I didn’t work out with them.
Connecting with Mango is cheaper, but the monthly fee is a bit more expensive (but 100 free minutes are included).

So, I bought a phone in Rosnet of the form (495) XXZ-ZY-XY at a standard price. Was amazed.
Number after all as elite. Until recently, I thought that somewhere here lies deception ...
One-time costs: 3500 rubles for the number itself and 200 rubles for connecting a VoIP client.
Monthly expenses: 500 rubles for the opportunity to receive calls and 200 rubles for the ability to call.
By default, you can only call in Moscow and the region. To call to other cities and countries, you need to sign a separate agreement with Rosnet for international and long-distance services.
By the way, about the contract - I had to send the printed and completed contract via offline mail.

A minute of outgoing calls to a mobile Moscow region - 1.80 rubles, to a city - 0.60 rubles.

Paid through Sberbank, which took an additional somewhere 1.5% commission.
For several weeks, promises to introduce payment through electronic payment systems, but that's all it does ...

Softphone screenshot:

So now briefly about what I liked:
+ Convenient admin site.
+ You can sit for six months in a free lock!
+ The number is officially issued to you.
+ Let the poor, but quite usable softphone.
+ 3 channels!
+ Free services such as replacing beeps, voice mail and voice mail!
+ Inbox can be redirected to Skype for free.

What I did not like:
- Until now, there is no possibility to pay with electronic money.
- At low speed, where Skype adjusts and works, the softphone does not work.
- OnLine support is not always online during business hours.

By the way, I waited for about a year and hoped that Skype would introduce such a service with us, because in many other countries he sells direct numbers. But to this day they have not introduced this to us ...

That's all. I hope the article was helpful. Do not count for advertising :)

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106261/

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