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American millionaire returns to Belarus

image The Belarusan annual Business Internet Conference exceeded this year all the expectations of both Belarusians and guests of the country. Colleagues from Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Poland and Lithuania, who came to make offline acquaintances, did not expect such scope as Belarusian developers, known for their skepticism, did not expect it either.

Today the hash tag of the event #di_by hit the tops by the number of repetitions, more than 3 thousand unique users watched the reports broadcast online for 2 days, and physically at the conference over the past 2 days there were more than 1500 people. Arkady Dobkin, President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of EPAM Systems, heard about such a scale of the event in New Jersey. Arkady is a very famous person both in the Belarusian IT community and in the post-Soviet space, and in his home country in the USA, where he has been living for almost 20 years. This man from scratch has created a transnational IT corporation, which for several years now stands in the list of TOP 100 Outsourcing, has become a millionaire and has opened thousands of jobs in dozens of cities in the CIS countries.
On Saturday, October 16, Arkady is not too lazy to fly to his native Minsk and share the secrets of discovery and development of EPAM Systems for the first time. Naturally, no one yet knows what his report will actually be about, but the board of directors hopes that it will not reveal all the secrets of business with giblets.

It was funny that one of the central events of Saturday was Startup Weekend, which, as a rule, begins with success stories. Even the representatives of Epam, general partners and co-organizers of Devcamp, an informal conference held for developers within the framework of the Business Internet, did not expect Arkady to arrive. And the announcement of his arrival has already appeared in all Internet media of Belarus, along with the political and economic news of the country. The organizers of the Business Internet, though assured that all reports will be broadcast in real time on tv.tut.by, but for an informal presentation and the opportunity to shake hands, the millionaire should come in person.
Minsk IT specialists are more fortunate - they will use this or that transport, they will be in the suburban complex Zagorje in half an hour. But their colleagues from other cities should show adventurism and go on the nearest transport to Minsk right now. For an amount equivalent to $ 20, the Zagorje complex will lay down to sleep and feed 4 times, and visiting the revolutionary set of activities within the Business Internet 2010 will give not only many new acquaintances, but also the opportunity to meet personally one of the most famous millionaires of the IT industry and ask him how to become the next?

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