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Logitech G510 keyboard has an "iron" problem

Good day.

Briefly: The Logitech G510 keyboard from the official delivery seems to have an iron problem with double pressing some buttons.

Sincerely: I wanted to share my misfortune - I bought a Russian Logitech G510 in an oldi from the first installments, being an ardent fan of Logitech, I did not change my G15 until the official start of sales for us G510. And on Wednesday morning I went to pre-order.
I wanted to write a review for Habr, but I remembered that there were already reviews of other similar clavs, and in this one of the changes, except that the audio output, yes there are no users ...

In general, did not write anything and enjoyed his purchase, 4000rub no matter how how.
But today all the pleasure has passed and the problems started - I could not enter one site, I thought that I was “hacked”, but no - it turned out that the letter “P” was typed twice all the time!
The button with the English letter "P" duplicates the press, even a very short one. Now almost every time I deleted two letters "Z".
Here you and Klava for 4k rubles.
I unsubscribed to the support service, but whatever they decided on - it ruined my impression, even if they send a courier on Monday morning to the office with a new keyboard, I will still be disappointed.
I tried this keyboard on a PC with Windows 7 and the latest drivers, on another PC with Windows 7 without drivers, and even on a macbook - we have this problem.

Well, that would not be unfounded - the terrible quality of the video, which shows the problem.

Trying to edit the video, did not find where it can be rotated, sorry.

I decided to write a post, because I know that there are many lovers of such gadgets here and that an anti-PR is sometimes needed, too, so Logitech could get a joyful review, and received a minus in karma.
And the conclusion is simple - do not use cheap Chinese parts branded companies .

UPD 10.25.2010 - Changed in the store where I bought. New it seems without "glitches".

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106258/

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