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Why is testing stupid and boring?

In recent days, I increasingly come across posts on blogs and forums about the fact that testing is either very boring or stupid work, etc.
What do all these people do in testing ??

The day before yesterday I tested my small web project.

In 4 hours I got 25 defects.
I was very happy with every “find”, especially if it was not trivial in the search. I was even more happy every time I managed to precisely localize the defect. I really liked to start them, trying to do it in the most understandable way.

“What if? ...”, “How to check? ...”, “And how would ...?”, Etc. fill the brain, which is turned on at full capacity.

If someone suggested to me at this moment to watch a movie, play a computer game or go to a club, I would answer him that I was busy with a much more interesting activity! Because it is really very interesting!

It is exciting, and time flies by very quickly. This is a creative, challenging, responsible work that is 100% enthralling!

And I thought. Who writes about "boring", "routine" and "stupid work"? Why doesn't everyone like it? I tried to write out everything that came to my mind.

1. "Not mine . " I love to test and conduct trainings, but I hate phone calls. NOT MINE! Testing is a set of specific actions that we perform. Some people like this process, some don't. If this is not yours - look for your own! Obviously there are things that will carry away just like testing - me.

2. "I do not know how." Testing is a skill. I remember how I tested at the beginning of my career. Talking to the buttons, viewing the UI ... is boring and boring. Then I didn’t use interesting test-design techniques on the fly, then I didn’t understand how to locate defects correctly and didn’t understand how important it was (and usually difficult) to accurately localize defects. It was really dull work, it was boring. Knowledge of methodology changes everything! Testing is getting creative and much more interesting!

3. "I do not understand why . " When I test my own project, it is important to me and I understand why I am doing it. When I participated in the release of world-famous products of which I was proud and proud, I understood the importance of testing for millions (MILLION!) Users. This adds value and interest to the work. Working in a company in which quality is not valued, it is difficult to enjoy the pleasure of testing - nobody needs it!
Do you work in such a company? Run!

4. Unreasonably tough processes . It is not just boring, but also useless, to test test cases created 100 years ago that are repeated every day. As a result, there is no interest, and the responsibility is not felt. You must be able to choose the optimal ratio of research to documentation. Yes, documents are needed. Sometimes checklists, sometimes even test cases, sometimes they are even necessary. But NOT ALWAYS!

Maybe there are some other reasons for no interest.

But it seems to me that if you
* optimal process
* worthy product
* essential knowledge base in the field of testing methodology and you can change them,

then either testing is mega-super-duper-already-breathtaking-interesting , or NOT YOUR!

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