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The farther into the network, the more stupid spammers

Phenomenon 2007: Russian pirates and spammers are already working in the first person.

While on Habré discuss the tricks of spammers and ways to deal with them , in the booming clone facebook.com vkontakte.ru came the "golden age" of spam and piracy.

The previously innocuous previously hidden marketing (its forms - an invitation to the "groups" of the community and the creation of topics in the "discussions" on the "walls" of popular groups) were reduced to banal spam, when these methods were learned not only by party people, but also by users with their dubious -quality of commercialized projects (aka "groups").
But what spam has it all come to? Spam from the first person, not hiding!

For example, let's talk about 15 people banned in the vkontakte.ru group “CONSTANT WORK in St. Petersburg” for advertising work in porno and porn videos. So, according to statistics, the page with the profile of such a “figure” is open in 14 of 15 cases, you can view his photo in life, see the circle of contacts, write to him on the “wall” ... In the user profile there is a name + surname (and sometimes a nickname from his favorite forum). And besides - his photo albums and a list of his "friends." Because - HE IS REAL and does not hide it! And it does not see in this privacy 0% anything strange!

And the guys who put links to serials in the topics "Here is the key to Casper !!! Take use and say thank you to me, Danila *** ov !!! "deserve the rhetorical question" Hold on idiots? "

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/10625/

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