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US Wikileaks through financial account

The US government, no matter how struggling with the project Wikileaks, could not counteract the constant updating of classified information on the pages of the service. Thanks to Wikileaks, a lot of people were able to see the US military misses in Iraq, Afghanistan, plus reading thousands of secret documents that were shared (meaning not only documents of the US government, but also other countries and just private companies). As a result, opponents of Wikileaks decided to influence “not by crotch” - through a third party, the operator of the electronic payment service Moneybookers.

It was in this system that the Wikileaks account was placed, to which the service accepted voluntary donations from citizens. Presumably, the funds were credited a lot - and how without them, because for the normal functioning of the servers Wikileaks need money, hosting companies will not work "for the idea", everyone understands this. So, the US government was able to ensure that the account Wikileaks on Moneybookers is now frozen. This was reported by the service management, so this message can be trusted. As it turned out, this account got into the so-called blacklist of accounts of various organizations at the same time both the USA and Australia (the founder of the WikiLeaks service is from Australia).
Interestingly, the account was blocked literally a few days after the Pentagon began to publicly criticize both the service and its creator. Earlier, we recall that only the service and Essenge, its founder, was not accused. It got to the point that Essendz was accused of rape in order to at least somehow influence the rebellious Internet activist. He managed to avoid this accusation, and now there is a new nuisance, this time a financial one. By the way, the Pentagon, like the entire US government, did not like the documents about the US military actions in Afghanistan, which appeared on WikiLeaks. Here, however, Essend himself was a bit in a hurry - according to his colleagues, the publication of these documents exposed service informers to considerable danger. Essend neglected this fact, and his associates left the former leader.

Well, now Essendge was still aground - because his own account in Australia was also blocked. The organization’s account, according to Moneybookers management, was blocked back in August, due to an investigation by official US agencies. But this became known only now.

It remains only to observe how governments, which Wikileaks do not like, still try to close the service, neglecting even the very principles of democracy, which only the lazy are not talking about right now.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106248/

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