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.NET programmers will gather on Sunday at Devcamp near Minsk

On Sunday, October 17, a section on .NET will be held at the Devcamp conference in the Zagorje (near Minsk).

UPD: .Net User Group, represented by Andrei Voronovich’s MVP Microsoft, plays the MSDN Premium Subscription at one of the reports for his active participation (questions, comments) in the section.

It's no secret that large projects often use asynchronous data processing. There are many approaches and ways to implement such tasks. At Devcamp, you can learn how to standardize these operations, apply pre-built templates, and write extensible and highly scalable code. Why reinvent the wheel if it has already been invented and tested in work before us?
Also you will find a very exciting section on Silverlight. It is relatively young, but
dynamic platform Its use is currently not limited to the browser. You can develop products for Windows Phone 7, the new Microsoft operating system. Do not expect boring and promotional reports. That we can not promise you. But we guarantee the best presentations from real gurus in the field of Silverlight with the analysis of real cases and examples of how a professional can apply this technology.

The whole world is moving towards virtualization and cloud computing. Want to make your
next project using Windows Azure? Well, we will help you with this.
Practical advice on how to use the platform, and on virtualization in general, from the best experts of Belarus in this field.

Think it all? You will find a demo scene from Jetbarins, tips on optimizing the code for better performance and a story about how to port .NET code under CUDA. Well, if you think that you can tell something of your own, interesting to other participants - we will give you that opportunity at IdeaCamp! Here you can express your imagination and share your knowledge. The schedule will be formed in real time, and listeners will appreciate your efforts.

Welcome to Devcamp - the best conference for professional developers!

What you need to get on the .NET section of Devcamp? Arrive in Zagorje ( see map ) on Sunday at 9.00, register on-site, study and relax in the company of professionals.

Devcamp program is here .

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