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Impact HTML5 Game Engine - JS engine

Looking through reviews of indie toys, I came across a very interesting project - Biolab Disaster (may it help UFOs to endure the habra effect) - a browser-based platformer on pure HTML5 & JavaScript that brings back memories of the times when every game was done with soul.
A short and unpretentious toy spins unusually fast and beautifully, leaving behind a pleasant impression, activated checkpoints and small pieces of enemies :)
It is made on the engine of the author of the same game, Impact HTML5 Game Engine , as a demonstration of its capabilities. The engine is currently still in development, but offers to notify us by e-mail on the official publication.
For news, you can also follow the blog of the author .

For a snack - a video with gameplay, some moments of game creation and a level editor - with the author's comments.

(Thanks to the video, you can find a link to the officially not yet published, but quite working level editor )

Flash is becoming less significant, which can not but rejoice.
Have a nice Friday picking in the code ^ _ ^


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106241/

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