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Rustalk - your online consultant

Who of those reading this blog has its own startup or business on the web?
The affirmative, probably using their site with a simple and understandable purpose - to earn a little (or a lot) of money.

We think it will be useful for you to read what is written here.

Simulate the situation. You go to some store, after a while a consultant comes to you (a young girl or boy of good looks) and asks if you need advice. Why? Because if you don’t do this, most people will just go around the store and leave without buying anything.

Your website is the same store, online only; People come to it, many of whom can quickly use the keyboard shortcut ctrl + W and forget about the visit in half an hour, just being fascinated by something else (for example, a competitor's website that can hold them).

With pride in our product, we present you the online consulting service RusTalk, which will provide your website with advanced monitoring systems and a customer consultation service live.

The main advantage of such services, of course, is the online consultant. Visitors to your site will communicate with operators of your company in real time, and you will have the opportunity to transfer visitors to their pages of interest, and, if necessary, create thematic chats for various aspects of your company.

At the present level of development of Internet business for websites, communication systems with visitors become relevant. Runet is saturated with companies with a Western approach to business management, which means: a more prudent attitude towards income and a more individualized attitude towards customers. And here, online consulting systems that can significantly help the finances and image of those companies that install and use these services in their projects break into the webmaster's arsenal.

With weekly periodicity, we will issue thematic notes that will help you better understand the ways of working and the benefits of our service.

Based on our experience and the experience of the operators of those sites on which our button stands, we will talk about the intricacies of work and practical techniques for increasing the conversion of visitors.

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