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Information about your sites in Yandeks.Bar

Yandex.Bar is an extension for Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers that is embedded in the browser as an additional toolbar and makes working with Yandex services and the Internet more comfortable. In addition to the standard set of buttons, Yandex. Bar also allows you to place buttons on your panel of any services that interest you. In order for the information about your sites to be in front of your eyes, we have prepared a special set of buttons “Yandex.Webmaster”.

This set includes:

1. The “Yandex.Webmaster” button shows the list of your sites and allows in one click to go to the page of the selected site on the service, as well as to the spell check and analysis pages of the robots.txt file, add a new site and compare search results in different regions.
The button also allows you to monitor the security of your site. When a malicious code appears on the site, the button icon will change, and a special icon will appear in the drop-down menu to the left of the name of the infected site.

2. “Site” button - shows brief information about your site (the CY and the number of indexed pages) and allows you to quickly navigate to the service pages to view detailed information.

Also, the button warns about the appearance of malicious code on the site.

You can place several “Site” buttons on the Yandex.Bar panel to track data about all sites you are interested in, confirmed on Yandex.Webmaster. When adding a site, you must explicitly specify the prefix of the domain name with which the site has been added to Yandex.Webmaster - with www or without www.

[+] Install the set of buttons "Yandex. Webmaster" in Yandex. Bar

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