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Build 9071 gives font happiness * niksoidam

Released another test build from the developers of Opera. This is not Opera 11 yet, but the authors assure that this is the last build of the 10.70 branch. There are significant improvements in displaying fonts on * nix systems. In a separate topic, the developers write about the problems they had to face while working on fonts.

The fact is that there are a lot of font setting systems in * nicks, and it’s not clear who to listen to, where to get the parameters from (fontconfig, or dwarf, or xresources, or a bit of everything). Moreover, the opera is not the only one - different browsers also take settings from different places, and sometimes mix them or ignore some parameters. In short, after many trial and error, it was decided to give users the opportunity to choose the preferred font setting mechanism. The corresponding option appeared in opera: config. Link: opera: config # Prefer% 20Fontconfig% 20Settings

Also, this build introduces a fix to unite (Unite works only on local computer) and speeding up the launch of the opera in Linux and freebsd, and also cures one crash.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106226/

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