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Risk-free betting

Excitement is the main emotion of sports fans, and for many it is not limited to feelings about the performances of your favorite team. A survey by Sports.ru, which was conducted by the British company YouGov, according to our order, showed that 18% of site users regularly place bets in bookmaker offices. And many do not (for example, I) just because they understand that the algorithm of the game presupposes loss rather than making money. And "in the black" in the long run - only those unique people who combine vision and calculation. But the excitement of them (and me), however, is also available.

For these, we launched a new game for conditional money, but with real prizes - “Virtual Bookmaker” .

This is the third Sports.ru gaming service after Fantasy-games and the League of Forecasts - and it may probably seem to someone that it duplicates them in many ways, because these games are also based on the understanding of the game, insight and luck. But “Virtual bookmaker” gives a lot more scenarios (you can use the odds; you can bet not only on the outcome, but also on the total number of goals). In addition, if the rhythm of Fantasy and the League of forecasts is rigidly set by the calendar of sporting events (it is necessary to make substitutions and leave forecasts before each game day), then you can win in the “Virtual bookmaker” even when playing in free mode and sporadically. For example, put on a number of interesting events on the weekend, and then not look a week or two.

In fact, this is a full-fledged bookmaker simulator with some improvements that we used to add to game projects at Sports.ru. In particular, the game provides the opportunity to create personal leagues (only those with whom you share the code will get into them) - in order to compete not with tens of thousands of unfamiliar participants, but directly with friends or, say, with work colleagues. In addition, there is a separate offset for the best in betting on specific leagues. The game is structured by quarters: every three months, winners are awarded, and those who have lowered all the money won at the start, again receive 1000 SPO at the expense.
With all the virtuality of the bets, the prizes are supposed to be quite real. Among them - a fully paid 4-day trip to New Year in London with a visit to the Chelsea-Aston Villa match on January 2.

Betting players have many many myths about how many people are capable of stably, in the long run, to be in the black - either 5, or 10, or 15 percent, but bookmakers do not provide any real statistics on this subject. Now and find out. Join now!

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