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And again about Resharper ...

Many of you have probably heard about Microsoft's “unprecedented generosity auction,” in which small companies can purchase VS2010 with a 60% discount, provided, of course, that the company itself has no more than 20 programmers, and no more than 10 licenses are bought.

But, IMHO, one more, no less interesting news remained behind the scenes - namely, that together with the studio you can also buy ... (drumming) ... ReSharper, and with 80% discount. Therefore, if you, for example, are sitting on 2005 or 2008, it’s time to kick your PM / DM / Designer and leave it with words like “refactoring”, “performance”, etc.

This celebration of life will last until November 22. As for Resharper, the conditions for the action are described here , but the actual order form is here .


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106221/

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