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We listen to customers. Development of the service “Shirt to order” (continued)


A year ago I wrote about the “Shirt to order” service . On his example, I watch the process of development of a startup in the service sector. The case is very interesting: “where to go, what problems arise, what opportunities to implement, where to get inspiration”. I get information directly from the management of the company, as these people are long-time clients of our studio.
So let's start with the changes.

What has been done for the year

New site design and designer

The site has become more vivid, got beautiful photos. Several sections were added: recommendations, photos, forum, in connection with which the number of site views per user increased from 2-3 to 7-8.
After changing the design of the designer , the tech support received a lot of positive feedback from customers. The main change in the designer was that the shirt that you design is visible all the time.
Upgrade female designer

Got more customization options, many decorating options
After these improvements, the number of women's orders has doubled! This shows the importance of continually improving the service itself.

Selection of fabric by elements

You can make a collar or cuffs from another fabric, both from the inside and the outside. Looks very stylish. In the photo gallery I found an image of an entire KVN team that was wearing such shirts.
Now you can create such beauty:

KVN team

Tie Designer

This is an example of experimentation project. I did not find this on the network, although the executives said that somewhere there is. Nevertheless, since the launch, more than 200 ties have been made to order.

Ready made shirts

Now, some models can be bought immediately without the need for a designer.

Delivery abroad

The main scourge here is the delivery. Residents of the United States, for example, are not used to waiting a parcel for a month, or even more. Interestingly, one of the orders came from the Island of St. Mauritius.

Introduced payment by electronic money

From the very beginning there were a lot of requests, including from Habr, to make payment for webmoney and Yandex.Money, now this opportunity was introduced, which turned out to be written below.

Other changes

- Custom skirts and skirts to order
- Loyalty programs for new customers
- English version of the site
- Accumulation system (a certain amount is added to each account with each item purchased)

As you can see, very, very much has been done and most innovations have been made on the basis of customer requests .

Project management is doing everything to make customers feel caring. For this service, there is nothing more important than customer loyalty. At the moment, more than half of customers are re-applying .

How to hear customers?

The company has a whole system for processing customer requests . They are carefully collected from various channels, structured and analyzed. Then the decision on implementation is made.

When working on these tasks, the project encountered an interesting feature:

The opportunity that many customers are asking for will not necessarily be in demand.

For example, women's skirts - was one of the most desirable things on the site, judging by the comments. But for 3 months, a negligible amount of skirts was sold (compared to other products).

Payment by electronic money, despite loud cries from many users (including from Habr) about the need to implement them, over the last month amounted to only 1% of all payments.

Therefore, relying only on customer feedback is too rash.

Custom strength

Recently, services based on customization have increasingly appeared on the Internet. From the point of view of production, this is quite difficult, but from the point of view of the buyer, it is very convenient. You can do exactly what you need.

For example, I have already mentioned the poor level of sales of skirts. But first they were ready-made skirts. After the minimal customization tool appeared on the site, the number of orders increased by 2 times.

If you are attentive on the site, you will surely be surprised (what happened to me) to the appearance on the site with shirts (!!!) of face cutting boards . It turned out that this is not madness, but a look ahead. The project organizers liked the idea of ​​customization so much that now they are looking for new niches in this area. The boards can be customized according to 7 parameters (dimensions, shape, pattern, material, etc.) By the way, the boards have already sold more than 30 pieces. Naturally, then a separate website for the boards will be made and everything will fall into place.


Communicating with people like the leaders of this project, I take inspiration and a lot of information to improve my projects. I hope you also find something useful for yourself.

Listen to customers and try new things. Good luck to you.

PS: while I was writing an article, the atelier stitched the 10,000th shirt (judging by the news on the site).

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106220/

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