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Google Maps: Vernissage

Google’s map service is as multifaceted as the software company itself. Let's look at the amazing "pictures" of Maps!

That truth is truth! Google Maps has many secrets, it’s enough to know only the keys to them - the coordinates of the objects. Knowing these ciphers you can see the true wonders of nature, the versatility of human fantasy and many interesting things. In search of such wonders, I stumbled upon a great many of the latter. I will share the most interesting of them with you!

Houses of great people
The most famous people of the planet do not want to talk about their personal lives and their life. But they cannot hide from the all-seeing eye of the Google Maps satellite: their houses will be shown to the whole world!

The most interesting was the house of Bill Gates ( 47.627652, -122.2424 ). There is something pastoral in this cluster of modest-looking low-rise wooden buildings. In fact, inside the house is equipped not only with the latter, but downright with the as-yet-spoken technology. This is truly the home of the future! In the house of Gates is a huge database in which there are pictures, melodies and movies for every taste. This residential complex has a cinema, several golf courses, a marina, a 20-meter swimming pool with underwater music and much more. Bill himself has a favorite place in his domain - an extensive library under a glass dome.
Not less famous Linus Torvalds , the house ( 45.437833, -122.665127 ) which is much more modest. Much less is known about the home of the creator of an open and free OS than about the mega house of the richest person. However, it is precisely known that it is much simpler and cozier organized, besides this building is the workplace of the main “penguin” of the planet. It is located in the state of Oregon, Portland.
The scandalous sir Elton John has possession ( 34.097446, -118.427089 ) in the very famous Woodside province. Little is known about this estate, because The singer mainly resides in his London possession or in a villa in Nice. But I was interested in this building by the fact that lately there are rumors that it is in Woodside that Sir Elton is going to place a huge picture gallery that will overshadow even the great Louvre!
The far and secluded place on the territory of the former military base is the home of George Lucas ( 38.062318, -122.647655 ). A very interesting ranch. Besides the fact that the Lukas family lives there, there is also a whole film studio there! It was there that the masters of cinematography made their films, among them Uncle Steve - Steven Spielberg. Equipped with high-tech home in almost everything: after all, to create their famous "Star Wars" needed the most powerful computer equipment.
The US National Monument, the house of the great musician and a very beautiful place - this is all the second home of Elvis Presley ( 35.045808, -90.022616 ). In the house there is a very interesting jungle style living room. There is so much fur in the house that even the singer's bed is a huge piece of fur!
The great John Lennon took US citizenship and housing for a very long time. In July, the 73rd, Robert Ryan handed over his apartment number 72 to the Lennons in the Dakota Building ( 40.776713, -73.975727 ). It was a huge house of Stalinist type, lined with polished granite. It was built in 1884 by the owner of the sewing company Singer, the millionaire Edward Clark. The building stands at the Central Park, i.e. almost in the middle of Manhattan, but in the year of construction this place was considered somewhere near the devil on the horns, because the house was called Dakota - after the distant state in the wild American West. In this house, John Lennon was to live the last seven years of his life.
Perhaps the scenery of "Pirates of the Caribbean" inspired the leading man to buy an island in the Caribbean. Johnny Depp's personal island of Little Halls Pond Cay ( 24.357496, -76.582818 ), 1.6 km long, is located about 100 kilometers from the capital of the Bahamas, Nassau. The actor paid for him $ 3.3 million. The island has six sandy beaches, a villa in a bay surrounded by palm trees and a marina.
Mago Island ( -17.44794, -179.159546 ) from the Fiji archipelago was purchased by Mel Gibson for $ 15 million. A small island with an area of ​​only 5. 41 thousand acres caused quite a few headaches to the actor. The fact is that the local people - the aborigines - strongly protested against this. It is not known how Gibson managed to avoid a trial, but in late February, the actor sold his ranch in Montana. The ranch, which area was 45 thousand acres, was transferred to a neighbor of Gibson, whose ownership was only 2 thousand acres.

Obvious, unbelievable

There are a lot of miracles in the world, created not only by human hands, but also by nature itself. Some of them are made specially, while others are the consequences of human activity. Let's look at the quaint places of Mother Earth!

Yeah! Rich man on fiction! What just does not come up! This decorative lake in the form of an airplane ( 36.854308.117.201821 ) in one of the hotels in China looks very beautiful and tempting!
Another miracle is the result of human activity. On the territory of the dried Aral Sea there are sunken ships that now create a fantastic landscape ( 46.769149,61.660761 )!
Sometimes Google Maps satellites record unnecessary objects, such as a plane over New Orleans ( 29.801195, -90.062781; z = 19 ) or a person in the middle of the desert ( 15.664615, -2.189095; z = 23 ) in Mali.
The following miracle was created by people on the Australian Flyover Day. A boat with the words “Google” ( -33.856448,151.225588 ) was sailing the Pacific Ocean. But if you look closely, you can see that the word "Google" is not written on the boat. Each letter of the word holds a separate person.
Scientific organizations often resort to the help of Google. For example, National Geographic to create your project in Africa. Detailed maps of the localities of the settlement ( 13.595061,20.006502; z = 23 ) and herds of camels ( 15.294485, 20.47994; z = 23 ) were created for work on Chad . It was one of the largest Google Maps projects - I had to process 92,000 photos!
The weather is hot now. And so want to go to the beach - relax with body and soul. There are a lot of beaches in Australia, but this one ( -33.891712,151.277533 ) is special because he is the most visited. Also on one of the beaches of Mexico, we managed to find a fancy inscription - DUMAC ( 16.714071, -99.632848 ). This is the logo ... "Unlimited Mexican Ducks" - an organization that stands for peace and against poaching. But on the beach of the capital of the UAE is an interesting composition of the islands - a palm tree ( 25.132231.55.157375 ). Its creation was carried out in conjunction with Autodesk. Together with them, the engineers created a group of islands in the form of a map of the Earth ( 25.236932.55.164757 ) - each island is a country.
Remember our children's attempts at aircraft design - paper airplanes? So, on the roof of one of the airports of Berlin there is the largest paper airplane in the world ( 52.555166,13.289925; z = 19 ). Even people put monuments to unexpected things. For example, this is the highest 7Up bank in the world ( 30.260763, -81.606453; z = 19 ) - a clear confirmation of this. And sometimes the opposite: here is how a monument to football boots ( 52.522348, 13.370917 ) in Germany, built on the eve of the 2006 World Cup. Also, remembering their ancestors, South Americans decided to create their analogue of the Nazca plateau: face among the steppe ( -16.340731, -71.952038 ) - just the beginning!
Man sometimes completes the creations of nature. Let us say, as in the case with a rock resembling an ipodder ( 50.010397, -110.113429 ): the forces of nature carved the profile of the rock, and the man made “headphones”. Nature itself creates no less amazing objects: the beautiful dolphin island ( -43.567768, 146.53101 ) off the coast of Australia. But, at times, nature has a destructive power. But it also captures, in its own way, of course. The huge forest fire ( 66.558919, 153.005219 ) has its own beauty.
Very rarely there are objects whose origin is unknown. But the most interesting "bridge to eternity" ( 53.891796, 108.742676 ) on the lake. Baikal and the mysterious desert ( 27.380309, 33.632503 ) in Egypt. Both objects are riddles in all respects: who built what and why and what is the secret behind seven seals.

Cultural heritage

Throughout its history, humanity has created many different buildings, sculptures, etc. But some of them are truly cultural values ​​and the wealth of all nations.

The Colosseum ( 41.89031, 12.492201 ) inspires fear with its power! This is perhaps the most famous place in Italy. The great arena of gladiator fights throughout the Roman Empire turned into a haven of ... cats. The Eiffel Tower ( 48.858338, 2.294748 ) left the memory of a human genius closer to our era: the tallest building until about the mid-twentieth century. Monument of democracy and freedom - the Statue of Liberty ( 40.689222, -74.044667 ) - the most famous place in New York and the United States in general. One interesting fact from the creation of the sculpture: the lack of money led to the fact that in France, charitable donations, along with various entertainment events and a lottery, allowed to collect 2,250,000 francs. In the United States, theatrical performances, art exhibitions, auctions and boxing fights were held to raise funds.
Religious monuments are real masterpieces! What are only one cathedral and St. Peter's Square (41.900991, 12.457176). The history of the creation of the cathedral is very interesting: in addition to being built by several architects, its construction was so costly that the church continued to sell indulgences, etc., which led to the emergence of Lutheranism and the disintegration of Europe! St. Peter's Square was built over 12 years, and is a real miracle in urban planning practice.
The Forbidden City in Beijing ( 39.916667, 116.393333 ) is the largest palace complex in the world. Over a million people and about 100,000 different specialists participated in its construction. From here, 24 emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties ruled.

James Bond note

Spy intrigue - one of the most interesting events in history. Spying is capable of a great deal. Now it is rarely used. But let's look at those objects that are considered the most important among spies.

The Pentagon ( 38.870529, -77.055627 ) is probably the most legendary military facility. This applies not only to politics, but also to the IT world, because there, as they say, the most powerful computers and their progress is associated with this building. He is very interesting in the fact that banks, various grocery stores and even jewelry and flower shops are in the lobby of the building! The US Central Intelligence Agency ( 38.951883, -77.146715 ) is a very interesting object! The largest intelligence agency in the world, with a huge budget. The CIA has full control over the Pentagon and even has control over some FSB operations!
The most mysterious place on Earth is Zone 51 ( 37.242705, -115.816444 ). This military object is not marked on any map! It is known as a place for UFO research, testing of the newest weapons: chemical, nuclear and other types of weapons.
The sea city of Severomorsk is a legend of the Great Patriotic War. Now it is a closed administrative-territorial area with a powerful military base ( 69.045404.33.412439 ), the main stronghold of Russia in the Northern Fleet. One of the largest military bases on the territory of Russia is the Ukrainka long-range aviation base ( 51.169334,128.453522 ). In this base there is a large aviation museum.
The nuclear submarine Kursk ( 69.059362,33.20446 ) is a real monument to the sailors and their loved ones! The most intricate military art in modern history. The tragedy of this submarine will forever remain in history, and the heroism of the sailors is the consciousness of mankind.
Well, finally, we got to the building where the creators of the Google Maps project ( 37.421981, -122.084139 ) work. Very interesting company, record holder in most areas. An interesting fact is that most of Google’s computers run on AMD processors, and the company collects the most computers that don’t go on sale!

Well, perhaps that's all! Search, dare: Google Maps has not yet revealed all its secrets. This service still has a lot of different “Easter eggs”!

For those who are in the tank

To see these objects, you need to enter the coordinates in brackets next to each object in the search box on maps.google.com . Just remember to switch to the display mode of the surface, not the main roads (for example, Satellite ).
Sometimes after the coordinates in brackets, separated by a semicolon, the number z is indicated - this is the scale in the address of the object (it is not necessary to enter it in the search field !!!). The maximum on the scale is 18. But many objects are not considered at this scale. Therefore, find the line & z = x & in the link and replace the value of x with the one indicated in brackets. Where the scale is not specified - it means that you can view the object and scale on the map.

The article was published in the July issue of the magazine Hi-Tech PRO . It can be downloaded in PDF format from the site of the magazine.

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