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Handwritten notes: Evernote and Livescribe integration

Today we want to announce integration with Livescribe , one of the most famous projects of digital pens. Habrahabr already had a good review , so we will not describe them in detail. These wonderful devices allow you to save handwritten notes in digital form directly into the memory of a pen, which are subsequently downloaded to a computer with the help of appropriate software. Of course, with these features Livescribe, its integration with Evernote was simply inevitable.

As a first step in the new version of Livescribe Desktop (currently only for Windows, and the release for Mac is scheduled for October 18), users were able to send saved entries to their Evernote account as PNG images. There, the text of their handwritten notes is recognized by the proprietary technology of our service and is indexed for easy retrieval. A voice recorder is also integrated into Livescribe, and recordings that are dictated during the work as WAV files can also be exported to Evernote. In this case, the notes themselves become available through the web interface, as well as on all computers and mobile devices of the user, where Evernote is installed. The Livescribe Desktop application can be installed for free. In the future, it is planned to make the exchange of data between Livescribe and Evernote devices even easier and more convenient.

The Livescribe Echo and Pulse digital pens have another interesting feature: they work as digital voice recorders, tying the sound to a specific piece of text. Just knocking a pen on some place in the text on paper, users can listen to audio recordings related to this text (this feature is also available in the Livescribe Desktop application). Notes and audio recordings can also be found via Livescribe Desktop itself or Evernote.

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